Our Team

Roger Branson

Founder & CEO

Mr. Branson is the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Peak Management Group LLC. He is responsible for the overall management, corporateand operational strategy of the company. He has led the company to achieve unprecedented growth and increasing returns on investment over the course of his tenure as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Branson has accumulated a wealth of experience in the tech and venture capital industry. He has served in both research and management roles in notable tech firms such as Microsoft, Cisco Systems and SAP SE. He has also gained considerable experience in the Venture Capital industry working for Sequoia Capital.Mr. Branson's vision is for Peak Management Group LLCto deliver world-beating investment returns for its clients and investors by being at the forefront of the technological revolution. Mr. Branson is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT), School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.

Ethan Connery

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Connery is the Chief Technology Officer at Peak Management Group LLC.He has been with the company since 2016. His previous work experience prior to joining Peak Management Group LLC includes serving as Systems Engineer at Google and Senior Blockchain Engineer at a leading Blockchain research and development firm based in London, United Kingdom. Mr. Connery holds a Mathematics BA (Hons) from the University of Cambridge.